What is Disease? A Cold #01

The Greatest Gift of God

From now on, I explain what disease is. Modern medical science regards a human body as just a substance and has advanced materialistic treatment. I will write what the great fault is in that science step by step. I, therefore, take up and explain an actual example of disease as it seems to be the easiest way to understand.

There would be no one who has not experienced to have a cold. In medical science, however, the cause of a cold is still unknown or a few causes are recently discovered such as an airborne disease by virus or an allergic disease. From our point of view, it is insignificant and immature view, and could become pointless in the future.

Even medical science recognizes that human beings have many kinds of innate toxic substances in the body such as smallpox, measles, whooping cough and also unknown toxic substances. As for those toxic substances, natural physiological action occurs and   they will be excreted to the outside of the body. We call this process “purification action”. These toxic substances once gather into particular parts of the body where nerves are concentrated: needless to say, in the upper part of the body - especially in the areas closer to the brain. While a human is awake, the brain, eyes, ears, nose and mouth work all day long, whereas hand and feet don’t.

Therefore, toxic substances concentrate in the brain, the shoulders, the neck, the lymphatic glands, the oblongata, and near to parotid gland. Such concentrated toxic substances gradually congeal as time passes, and when this congelation reaches a certain level, elimination action occurs. Here you can see the bounty of nature. The congelation causes poor blood circulation, stiff shoulders and neck, headache, heaviness in the head, loss of eyesight, bad hearing, sniffles, foul odours, pyorrhoea, weakening of teeth, shortness of breath, loosening of hands and feet, lumbago and edemas and so on. All symptoms reduce humans’ energy to act, so that they cannot carry out their own mission. Hence, the Creator creates such wonderful purification action as disease.

As mentioned above, if the pain derived from elimination action of toxic substances is called disease, that is the purification action of blood and essential for humans to maintain good health. This should be recognized as the greatest gift of God. Therefore, if diseases are removed from humanity, humans may become weaker and weaker, finally being brought to death. However, I am simultaneously advocating the creation of a world with no disease. You might find some discrepancy between them but they are fundamentally different matters. It is because that there should be no need for purification action, when humans have no toxic substances in the their body. It is obvious, at the same time, that there will be no disease occurred in the body. Now I will explain this as clearly and thoroughly as possible.


“Creation of civilization” written by Meshiya-sama in 1952