Spirit Leads and Form Follows #04

Spirit Leads and Body Follows

Now, let us move on to the latter point. Contrary to the former, clouding is transferred to the spirit from the body. In this process, impurities are generated in the blood, then transferred to the spirit and changed into clouds. Just like the process of the former, clouds are gradually concentrated onto one particular part or spread to some parts, and then enriched.

Since the blood in the body is materialisation of the spirits and the spirit is spiritualisation of the blood, the spirit and the body invariably work together. The universal low, however, is that the spirit leads and the body follows.

Either way, toxic substances are constantly accumulated and concentrated in the body. Then the purification action occurs, which the concentrated toxic substances are about to be dissolved and excreted as a liquid form the various parts of the body. In this process, humans feel a pain, and that is what we call “disease”.

Why is the impure blood generated in the body? That cause is unexpectedly the use of medicine, the king of medical science. To tell the truth, there is no “medicine” in the world and every single medicine of today is toxic in itself. It is obvious that impure blood is generated, if such toxic substances is taken in the body. The following fact is better proof than anything else. Diseases are sometimes not cured but are contrarily prolonged or lead to a complication in spite of taking medical treatment. It is because that toxic medicine causes a disease. The impure blood is generated by taking toxic medicine in the body, transferred to the spirit, changed into clouds and becomes the root cause of a disease. Therefore, the way of current medical treatment is no more than generating diseases.


“Creation of civilization” written by Meshiya-sama in 1952