Spirit Leads and Form Follows #03

Spirit and Body Work Together

Let me explain the former point. The human spirit is constructed centripetally three stories when it’s vertically described, and three layers when horizontally described, which is that you should see the form as below.

In the centre of this structure, there is the so-called soul. By the law of nature, the soul is dwelt in the womb of woman through man’s body when a human is born to this world. It is originally a “microscopic dot” and every soul has its own character. As everyone knows, the soul absolutely dominates the human as long as it has a life. The soul is covered by the mind to protect, and the mind is covered by the spirit. The spirit fills in the whole body, so it is the same figure as the human body.

Since a spirit and a body invariably work together, the state of the soul is reflected to the spirit through the mind and vice versa. In this way, the relation between the soul, the mind, and the spirit is such as ”large”, “medium” and “small”, or “small”, “medium” and ”large” one another. It is so to speak “the Trinity”.

All humans will do something good and also something bad in a lifetime. If the amount of bad deeds exceeds that of good ones, the remaining amount of bad deeds will be piled up as sins. They are reflected to the soul as clouds. Then the mind is become impure by clouds and finally the spirit becomes cloudy. When these clouds are piled up and exceed a certain amount, purification action naturally takes place and start the removal of impurity. In the process, clouds are gradually concentrated onto one particular part, or spread to some parts of the body, and then enriched and compressed. It is intriguing to know that the clouds concentrate on the different parts of the body from sin to sin. In the case of a sin of eyes, clouds are concentrated in the eyes. Sins of head are concentrated on the head and those of the chest gather in the chest. They are concentrated on their equivalent parts of the body in this manner.


“Creation of civilization” written by Meshiya-sama in 1952