Spirit Leads and Form Follows #02

Purification Action

The essence of the spiritual world is a complete fusion of “the spirit of the sun”, “the spirit of the moon” and “that of the earth”, and its world is a miraculous and wonderful realm beyond our imagination.

The point is that impurities accumulate in the spiritual world, as the dirt accumulates on the human body in order that the human play its own role. Therefore, the so-called purification action occurs to purify the impurities, as the dirt of the human body is washed off by bathing.

This process also occurs to all things existing in the universe. For example, impurities accumulate in the spiritual realm of the earth, they concentrate in particular areas by a natural process, and are purified by a purification action using low pressure. A storm, a flood, lightning and human-caused fire are all the same and human beings also follow this process. Let me explain the reason for this in detail.

As stated above, an accumulation of impurities in the spirit is a sort of spiritual cloud. This cloud is an opaque part generated in the spirit which is originally transparent, and there are two types of causes for this impurity. Firstly, clouds can appear in the spirit itself. Secondly, clouding can be transferred back to the spirit from the body.

“Creation of civilization” written by Meshiya-sama in 1952