Meshiya-sama gave my life back to me.

The story of a 75 year old Japanese housewife


In the evening on the 1st of September, 2013 when I decided to rest for an hour after a walk, I suddenly felt an acute pain as if my insides were being stirred with red-hot tongs. I could neither stand up nor walk. My condition was so critical that I had to be taken to the emergency department at the hospital, and the doctor there advised I should be admitted to a bigger and more medically advanced hospital, and as a result I was transferred to a prefectural hospital.

While I had to go through many examinations for several hours, it was extremely difficult for me to tolerate the severe and excruciating pain, and eventually fainted. When I regain consciousness, my body was tied to a number of tubes, and I couldn’t move at all.

After the completion of all the necessary examinations, I was diagnosed with a rupture of the tumour in my liver, which is a certain type of carcinoma in the liver. The doctor said, “You must have complete and utter bed rest, otherwise the pain will start again.” However, when my younger son and his wife visited me, they decided to perform Johrei on me, and gradually the pain started going away and enabled me to sit the very next day. During my learning of Meshiya-sama’s teachings and practice of Johrei, I regained my appetite and was able to have a good sleep.

Later the doctor informed my family and recommend for me to have an operation in case of cancer metastasis. He also said, “When the cancer metastasizes, you will not have enough physical strength to go through an operation, and if you lose this opportunity of having the operation, you will die within 4 to 8 months.” I asked him if I decided to have the operation how long would I live for 2, 3 or 4 years, after having this operation. He replied, “I can’t say that as it depends on the condition of that person.

My eldest son’s family and relatives totally relied on what the doctor had recommended and thought it would better for me to have the operation in order to recover completely, because they really worried about me, but despite their feelings I decided not to go through with this operation, and managed to persuaded them to let me leave the hospital without having any kind of operation which I did, and left on September 21st.

I had seriously prepared myself to die. However, the more I practiced Johrei, the more I gained my strength. I started building an appetite and did not lose any more weight. My relatives and acquaintances were totally surprised at this incredibly fast recovery.

When I went back for my regular medical check-up, such as blood test and echo check, they found a small shadow in my liver, and the doctor recommended me to have further detailed examination. Before learning Meshiya-sama’s teachings and His Johrei, I totally relied on prescribed drugs, and medical technology, but now only occasionally I feel a dull pain in the liver, but understood that the pain is caused during the process of purification in my body to reduce all toxins of Chinese medicine I had for such long period of time.

11 months has now passed since I was told I only had 4 to 8 months to live. Meshiya-sama gave me back my life. I am forever full of gratitude to Meshiya-sama’s teachings and His Johrei, and would like to introduce the absolute power of His Johrei to as many people as possible.


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