Cured from uterine fibroids by practicing Johrei

The story of a 32 year old Japanese housewife


When I was 30 years old, I showed signs of pregnancy and went to see a gynaecologist, and after I was examined, they discovered I had uterine fibroids.

I decided to go and see another gynaecologist for a second opinion, and to make sure if I really had this condition, but the results were the same as the previous one, which was quite shocking, and I started to worry about my unborn baby. They found two fibroids sized at about 4 to 5 cm’s which obstructed the orifice of the uterus. The gynaecologist told me, “You will have difficulty in giving birth naturally.  After 36 weeks into your pregnancy, you will have to give birth by a caesarean section.” I became extremely anxious but started to prepare myself as there were no other alternatives.

As it was my first pregnancy, I decided to go and stay at my parents’ home when I was in my third month. I told my mother about my uterine fibroids condition, and asked for her advice. She immediately started performing Johrei on me regularly every day while I sincerely prayed to Meshiya-sama for a safe and normal childbirth. I gradually started getting rid of my anxiety and felt totally at ease with myself. A friend of my mother’s who lives far from my parents’ home, also prayed for me to Meshiya-sama and visited us in order to perform Johrei to me.

I continued receiving Johrei for about one month, and when I went to see my gynaecologist again, he no longer mentioned the uterine fibroids. When I was in my 36th week, I had another examination, a nd he clearly told me that I would have a natural, healthy and safe childbirth.

Although I was told that I might be at risk of having very heavy bleeding when giving birth, I had a very natural safe delivery and gave birth to a baby girl weighing at 2.7kg’s without any severe pain, bleeding or any other similar complications.

I have so much admiration for The Great Meshiya-sama and His profound teaching of Johrei. Thorough this experience, I had a feeling that I was constantly protected, and I am very happy to have a healthy baby.

After my baby was born, I started practicing Johrei by myself and to introduce Meshiya-sama and His greatness in teaching of Johrei to as many people as I possibly could.”


[Testimonials:female_disorder February, 2014]

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